Friday, February 29, 2008

The Bigger Picture

Everyday we wake up and go on with our lives. With all that we do though there is a Bigger Picture. I once believed that faith was just a "backup plan." You know in case there really was a Hell and you didn't want to go. Well then you go to church, try to behave, and live your life as a careful person. Through the years I have learned that it is much different then that.

That faith is laying your life down every single day knowing that no matter what situation you are in God will help you get through it. That christians aren't wimpy individuals that are so called "perfect." In fact God wants us as christians to be WARRIORS! He wants us to be strong in our faith and all that we do.

So let me ask you...Would you lay your life, and everything you own down for what you believe? That is the bigger picture. See we as humans only see what revolves around a small portion of our lives. Our neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, or old class mates. What about the guy at the gas station on your way to work? What about the lady or guy that held the door for you today? What about the kid bagging your groceries? Yeah yeah so you are thinking "Josh what about them?"

Have you ever stopped to think about whats going on in there lives? Have you ever wondered what they are dealing with? The only reason I ask this is because I used to never care. I didn't even think twice about the people that I interacted with throughout the day. My life was brought into a whole new perspective when I started caring a little bit more about everyone else then I did about myself.

You begin to see the good in people, you begin to see a glisten in there eye when you have changed there lives just by doing a small act of kindness. It truly changes who you are and really opens your eye to the "Bigger Picture" idea. The little things in life can make your day go from absolutely terrible to truly amazing in no time flat Guaranteed!


satire and theology said...

So let me ask you...Would you lay your life, and everything you own down for what you believe? That is the bigger picture.

Hi Josh.

I answered your comments on my blog, and thanks. Your blog looks interesting. I would hope with the Lord's help I would lay my life and possessions down if needed, but it would be very difficult to do. God does come first with me though.

Josh said...

Satire and Theology,

Thank you for your post. I appreciate your comment and your compassion for the only thing that really matters... God! I try to ask myself that question everyday to better myself and be a little bit more grateful for the things that I have and the people that are important to me. Thanks again