Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What is love?

Tomorrow is V-day so I hope you remembered to get your significant other something to show your LOVE and appreciation :). If not I highly recommend you run to the store tonight and get something sentimental. For those of you who don't have significant others... I would just have to recommend to be patient. See the thing is if you chase love you will never catch it, but if you let love happen... IT WILL! I decided to put the weight of my romance in the hands of God. See the story goes something like this. Average kid grows up chasing girls his whole life searching for someone that can make each and every moment with them memorable. Tries, tries, tries and is caught up in the blindness of believing he has finally found her. Well life goes on and after a while of not being together they both realize they weren't right for each other at all. She continues on dating and trying, while he does the complete opposite. He realizes that in order to begin a strong long lasting relationship he must first be happy with himself. See fellas you can't look for the answer in the beauty. Meaning you can't find your answers to who you are, or what you are simply by asking your wife or your girlfriend. Although they love you for who you are and what you are they don't get what us men need. If we can't be happy with ourselves, our jobs, our lives then we can't expect our loved ones to tell us we're happy. Now granted I am not in a relationship with anyone. One thing is for sure though I have realized and learned a lot through others relationships. All through High School, College, and to this day I am asked constantly for dating advice. See the way I see it is before the world stops and begins revolving around you, theres one thing you need to realize. The more you give, the more you receive. If you do something good for someone, the favor will be returned. Ha ha did you think I was really going to tell you how the world would just revolve around you? Well I just did, and its just that simple. Everything will go your way if you just give everything away. You have got to be thinking I'm crazy right about now. First of all I don't mean go and give everything you own away. What I mean is give whatever you can. For example my Aunt: sweetest lady ever she is always giving everything away and even if she doesn't realize it she WILL get everything back tenfold. If someone does something for her she goes COMPLETELY out of her way to do something for them. In return she has tons of friends and people that would be willing to do anything for her. Her husband who is the same way he would do anything to make you laugh and make sure you are always happy. Just absolutely great people and if you would like to return one of the many favors they have given please stop by her store in Howell, Michigan. Its called Stitch In Time. I have many people in my family that if all they had was one dollar and someone around them needed it. They would give that dollar in a heart beat knowing that somehow they would survive. Its just those little gestures like chasing someone down in the parking lot and giving them a pie because they did something nice for you or coming to visit your kid who is five hours away just to show you love him, or just having a positive attitude and willing to give back to the world. The question again is what is love? What do you think love is? Do you think its a relationship between two people? Do you think its something that can alter and change your life? Do you think its the little things in life you do for someone you don't even know? Could love be giving your life for someone you don't know? I believe that love is many things and that there is one love that was given we must never forget. I speak of God in almost every single post and thats because I believe that without him we wouldn't have love. God showed more love then any of us can ever even fathom. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." Now that is love! Jesus died on the cross for US! We didn't even exist when this happened, and he still did this for us. He did this for EVERYONE! Could you imagine giving your life for everyone? Before he died he said " Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34) That is absolutely amazing! Do you ever get mad when you're driving and someone cuts you off? Do you ever get mad at anyone for anything? Well imagine someone doing the worst possible thing and you turning around and giving your life and asking God the creator of all to forgive them. WOW! That is my definition of true love and if you didn't like this post then TOO BAD haha. Everybody have a good V-day and try and do something amazing for that significant other.

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Gail said...

If you haven't seen it, check out a half hour moie called "Most". We watched it at His House last night and it was AMAZING. It does a really good job at showing how God loves us.