Saturday, February 9, 2008

Life Changing!

I thought I was in control of my life... I thought I had everything planned and that if I just got this or I just did that I would be happy. I was far from happiness and I didn't even know it. Trying to listen to family, friends, whoever just to get somewhere in life. But some things you have to figure out for yourself. I wrote a blog earlier today about success... That blog was about reaching success getting to the point where you succeed like it had an end. Do what you love and live in the moment of doing that thing you love. If I ruin every single thing in my life from this point forward I hope that I at least do this one thing right.... and thats to follow my dreams! I might not be the happiest if I ever reach my dreams but what makes me happiest will be the journey :). Tonight I watched a movie and first of all I must recommend it to all who read this article I am writing. Its called the "Peaceful Warrior" and it is by far the best movie I have ever watched. It changed my life because of all the insight it had and all the knowledge that I gained. I now have an understanding of where I am and what my journey is ahead of me.

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