Saturday, January 17, 2009


Missing In Action...

I was lost but now I'm found. It's hard to be found when you never really understood that you were lost in the first place. Living a life without God is not only very challenging but very unrewarding. Since the last post I've wondered a bit away from the path of light, truth, and all that is good. Trying to find my way in the world. Maybe it's a journey I've been sent on to understand what it feels like to stray, or maybe it's a rude awakening to our lifestyle as being human or (not so perfect).

To wonder without a destination or purpose makes you feel insufficient. You feel as if every breath you take is a waste. Nothing is gratifying, and everything is unsatisfying. To close your eyes and trust in a higher purpose takes everything you have, and most times more. To us humans seeing is believing... or is it? I've seen many things in life but still strayed.

Living life is something YOU need to do. Live in the moment, make your own decisions, do what makes you happy, and try to live a life of contentment. Having a purpose in life can allow you press forward when you think no hope is left. Nothing is better than just living. Which brings me to my next point. I apologize for not keeping up on the posts. Life has it's ups and downs and since the last post I've been riding that roller coaster.

Please continue to visit, and for all my subscribers out there who still read. Thank you and God Bless!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gods Adventure

We all have adventures that we need to experience in our lives. The best adventure I have ever had and am having is my adventure with God. I flew from Michigan to California a few days ago to visit Bethel Christian School to determine whether or not I liked it. God lead me to this school and when I made the arrangements to fly out here to CA I had no plans at all on how I was going to travel around the city. Kind of just relied on God and had faith. When I jumped on the plane from San Fransisco to Redding CA I met a gentleman named Doug who to was going to Bethel to check it out with a friend. He offered me a ride but I didnt want to impose. After insisting multiple times I said "Well if you are going to the church then I will catch a ride." God had prearrangements that I had no idea about but trusted. Once I arrived at the church God blew me away. His presence filled the room with love and amazement.

After meeting a bunch of individuals from the school Jimmie Jack, Kim, Chimi, and Jason we all hung out where they were staying. We talked about God and hung out for about an hour. After that they drove me back to my hotel. When I woke up I got some continental breakfast and then walked to Bethel Christian School which was about 2 miles. Absolutely amazing view. Once I crested the top of this hill the picture at the right is what it looked like. Looks much different when you take the time to walk then it does to just drive in. On the right at the top of the hill is called a Prayer Chapel. The big grey building at the top of the hill is Bethel Church. And below that is a soccer field, baseball diamond and bleachers built into the hill.

As I walked up that hill someone at the prayer chapel waived to me. Im not shy and I wanted to find out more information about the school so I went up to talk to her. Her name was Leona and the guy she was sitting next to was her boyfriend Andrew. These people are on fire for God and majorly impacting the world. God has set in there hearts to go to Africa and build churches, and schools for children. Andrew recently saved 60 children from the rebel armies. Leona attended the school a year or two back and she said it was most definitely what she needed to grow in her faith with God. They both will be kept in my prayers for they are truly amazing people. To the left is a picture of the prayer chapel up close. AWESOME BUILDING!

Last night after attending the School from 12:45-5 I got invited by the 1st year students revival group to there end of the year party. The whole time I really felt guilty about jumping into these awesome God loving peoples lives. They practically begged me and made me feel welcome the whole time. I quickly got the name nickname "Airport Guy" since thats where God found me. After I met just about everyone in that revival group I felt closer to them then I do most of my friends back home. All of them are sooo neat as they all have an awesome story of what God is doing in there lives, and just truly unbelievable incidents that have happened. This school is one of a kind and well worth attending. If you want to find God this is one place you are sure to find him!

After the revival party they drove me back to the church and it was about 7pm here and 10pm EST. So I went to the 7pm church service. As Jimmie Jack dropped me off he said "Hey Josh check out the Treasure Hunt tonight at 8pm after worship. So I went to worship and at 8pm walked into a back room where they were doing a "Treasure Hunt."

Which is where you prophecie over individuals lives in the city and then go and find them. WOW it was amazing the boldness and the protection these God fearing people had. We went out after praying and listening to God and one of the leaders I was with aka Jake went up to these biker looking guys with tattoos all over and were talking about racing someone for pink slips.

I walked up there with them and these people feared Jake. Jake wasnt a real big guy, but these guys were HUGE they could have crushed us all. I stood back ready to run but Jake walked right up to them. He said we were sent here to speak to you is there anything in your life we can pray for you for? After a few no's and them saying nah were alright we said okay and walked away. When we reached a grocery store where this lady was on our list we prayed for her arthritis and it went away and she was happy, then we prayed for her children, and safe travels because she asked us to. She was so happy she gave Jakes wife $20 and told us all to get some coffee or some ice cream. We told her that we were just doing it for God but Jake took it because he didnt want to offend the lady.

What a truly amazing adventure! Today I applied for Bethel Christian School so if any of you enjoyed this and want to contribute I ask that you please pray that Gods Will will be done in all of our lives, and that wherever we go it is because God is sending us.

Below are pictures of the beautiful Redding Mountains and surrounding area.