Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What if you died this second?

The title may scare you but that is not its intent. Every day we go on with our lives and try to ignore how were living and what were living for. Last night I wasn't so ready to die but I did. As I went to the mountains with a bunch of friends I tried jumping onto the icy part of a lake to cross it. I was talking to my friend Nick and in mid air I felt like I was going to make it. At this point my life was fine, I have lived and tried to live for God. There is no doubt that I could definitely do a lot more for him. Anyway last thing I remember is hitting the cold water looking up and seeing my friends standing around the gap I fell through. I immediately tried swimming to the surface but couldn't make it, because I was sinking so fast. It felt like something was pulling me down. After a few seconds the light faded and I was in complete darkness in this icy water. Everything I loved and everything in my life had left me. I knew that I was not going to make it and out of nowhere I had a restful easy feeling about it all. I prayed a little prayer in my head and it was something like this "God take me as I am all yours, nothing in me wants anything but to love you." Then the next thing was loss of air, movement, and all my internal organs quit. I felt a lot of pressure and then I thought to myself whats next? As my life of earthly happiness passed me by... I woke up. I woke up gasping for air and wanting to see God. He showed up in more ways then I can even explain. I believe he gave me this dream to show me a lot of things. To show me that my life of happiness is really nothing compared to what it could be if I just served him. That happiness/contentment isn't something that is merely achieved but instead something that is applied. Also I learned that we need to cherish and live in each moment we have on this earth. The small things in my life that I believe to be important mean nothing when I die. So what I am going to do is try my absolute hardest to live for all the right reasons. Its as simple as being observant of your surroundings. Taking a second out of your day to help someone you see is in need, maybe telling your wife/husband or significant other that you love them, maybe its just smiling and helping someone in your family out, maybe its allowing somebody at meijers to go in front of you at the check out line. It could even be a small prayer for someone around you. Its the little things in life that matter so much we don't even realize it or live by it. WWJD or What would Jesus Do? is a good thing but the real question is knowing what jesus would do what are you GOING to do? What if you died this second? Would you be happy with the contribution you made to the world? Think on this and trust that God has all the answers. Nothing is too big or too small for him. He loves each and everyone of us.


Joshua said...

Man, this is an amazing post, it has to be one of the best blogs, if not the best blog I have ever read! Keep it up, your bro~ JK

Hopeful Spirit said...

Thanks so much for contributing this post to blog carnival at On the Horizon! Stop by and check out the other excellent submissions!

I agree with Joshua . . . what an amazing story. I think you are right: The dream was given to you for a purpose and you are fulfilling it.

Josh said...

Thank you hopeful spirit for your positive feedback. Keep up the awesome posts!