Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gods Message

I have been debating on whether or not I needed to share this. God is telling me that this message needs to go out. This dream was about two-three days ago.

Tonight I was reading the bible and a deep sleep fell on me.
As I drifted further and further into the supernatural spiritual realm it became life.
These dreams are so clear I live them out thinking that it's reality.
In this dream of mine I was preparing for a battle as an elite soldier.

I didn't know what I was preparing for, but I was preparing for something huge.
I had trained by myself this whole time. But was not alone as I underwent rigorous training.

God was most definitely with me as sweat and blood turned to preparedness.
Then I got in an SUV military vehicle as ordered and they started driving.
During the whole training everyonce in a while they spoke about this mountain.
A dark cold place with nothing in it, except snow and darkness.
They had trained me in all forms of outdoor and environmental survival for about a week.

As we kept driving I felt very confident that wherever I was going to go survive I could handle.
Then the driver grinned and said “I hope you're ready.” As we drove closer you could see the rough shape of a mountain surrounded by darkness. The other passenger laughed and said “we're here”.

I got all my gear out but just a day before they gave me a syringe, swabs, and some bandages.
They said in the area we were going was a terrible disease that if infected this medicine would cure me. I wondered why I would need that medicine if nobody, and nothing was alive in this place. Me and my huge black superior officer treaded off into the mountain. Now I knew at some point he was probably going to leave me and give me instructions.

We walked along super old railroads tracks for what felt like forever. I was not winded or even feeling it though since I was so in shape and prepared. We jumped on an electric self controlled train that must have just been made. As we pulled up to what I thought was by far the darkest part of our whole journey my superior officer grabs my arm injects me with a needle disappears, and I am left alone with my pack on my own box car. He must have jumped onto the main car and derailed the one we were both on.

Everything was unleashed as I struggled for the medicine in my pack. I felt a presence around me that surrounded me and cut off all thoughts of hope or survival. I couldn't get to my medicine in time as the disease spread too quickly. As I injected the needle I felt a little relieved but it was still most definitely in me. Out of knowhere came these people who looked possessed by the devil himself. They were the evilest creepiest, and abnormal creatures. I knew that all they wanted was to kill me as I was a foreigner and not like them at all. So I ran as fast as I could out of there but I couldnt run fast enough. They could jump ten to fifteen feet in the air and were super fast. They were everywhere and thoughts raced through my head this was a setup, I just need to get out of this place, etc.

Running through a forest nearby for shelter and possibly safety they surrounded me. I couldn't run any further they were in front of me and closing in behind me. One jumped at my head with claws spread, and gnashing of teeth but I ducked. Then as it came at me again I jumped a good twelve feet in the air onto a small hill.

The next scene I somehow managed to evade them and get to a field. Just up ahead was a huge church. As I was walking I figured out that these creatures were humans that were diseased by some sort of power unheard of to normal society. I knew they would probably be in the church but my hope lied on God. I entered the church and immediately got to the highest point which was about four stories high.

Unfortunately there was just the stairway an empty hallway and a room in the upper left corner. I entered the room and began taking inventory of all that I had and where I needed to go to get out. The beings came again and I locked all the doors to the room because they were already in the building.

They waited for me slamming against the door and making horrible noises. After a while I thought I heard them leave. Then it came to me I can save them somehow as they are lost to the world. I am there only hope. I dont want to leave this place until I figure out a way to save these people.

My heart was racing faster and faster as I pushed the door open. Nothing was around at all. It was back to dead silence. Then it sounded like church service going on. As I went to the first floor where the sanctuary was I saw normal people. They were having choire practice and it got super bright.

I stayed and watched for a few minutes then climbed the stairs back to my hidden room. As I climbed up something followed me. I raced down a rope near the room to the first floor again. Then went into a room close by. Then it came to me there were some people who were safe or normal and others who hid in the darkness.

My cousin Desmond, and his wife were in the room. Another lady I did not know was crying. She
must have had a lost family member to the darkness. Then I woke up to my realm of “normality”.

As I started wondering what happened and why I had such a crazy dream I thought. God is equipping me with the necessary tools to save lives. He has put me on a journey to fight that darkness. God wants me to lead people to the truth.

The disease that consumed the lives of these individuals was sin. Sinners without Jesus are lost to this world. Even as my superior officer released the sins I had in my life... God was in me so I could not be transformed into this creature of darkness. We are all sinners but we must try to sin LESS, and live MORE for God or our views will be skewed to society and not reality. Even as saved christians we battle darkness and evil daily. Keep up the fight and know that you are not alone in the battle and God will work in your life if you ask him to.

He has sent me as his messenger to deliver this message to you.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Treasure Hunters

I have been thinking long and hard about what topic to use next for this article. Looking into the hearts of individuals and trying to develop a closer relationship with God this topic was revealed.

Treasure Hunters

As individuals we look on life with a whole new meaning and understanding as we search for the truth. Sometimes we wonder what we are looking for, yet are still constantly searching. My search for the Treasure and truth of life began a long time ago as a very small boy. I would think about where I came from and what really happened before time ever even mattered. I would usually fall into a trance of thought never ending until my own thoughts became nothing more than a dark black sheet of emptiness. This would frighten me and I would often try to forget about it all.

Through the years it kept coming back to me. For some reason I knew that there was more out there and that I could find the answer to life. I attended many different churches with many different individuals but it never caught my attention or gave me a real answer. When I was twelve years old I went to a Christian water balloon fight and found the answer I was looking for. Jesus Christ himself showed up in my life the answer to years of an unsolved problem. I felt a peace a sense of relief over my life and everything in it. But back then I didnt know hardly anything about truth. I was a treasure hunter searching for truth of an unsolved problem of life.

Ever since that day it has been a battle for me, and a struggle to grow in faith. I feel that everyone goes through or has gone through what I have been through in one way or another. That christianity is individual on a level with God. That only you and God can determine where you are in your faith. I think that everyone in the battle between this realm and the realm of the spiritual are on different levels with God. By that I simply mean that God personalizes his message to you on an individual level.

As treasure hunters not only for the truth about life, but also the answers to everything in this world we meet God. Most often we turn to the bible to begin our search, maybe we try once a week at church to dig up the answers, or maybe we pray that the answers will come to us. Sometimes we get discouraged, and dont know why we arent finding what we are looking for. What it comes down to is when you take the Word (Bible) and don't have the Spirit with the word you simply have ink on a page. The way this was described to me a short while back was if we were to get all the bibles in the world and burn them all Gods Message would still exist. Now I am not saying go and burn your bible as it is a great tool to get closer to God and understand how much love he has for us. I am simply saying that God isn't kept in a small box.

That his presence is everywhere even when we lose our faith. Even when we give up God still has hope. When we quit digging for those answers in life, God shows up and helps us keep digging. We are archeologists digging up those treasures and distributing them to the world!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why religion is bad!

Caught in religion or just caught up in the thought of religion? As stated from many christian leaders religion is robotic lifestyle. We are all similar going to church every Sunday or many Sundays to sing because everyones singing, to pray because everyones praying, and to give (10%) of your paycheck to the church. Well I don't think God intended it to be this way. Does God want us doing something we don't enjoy? Does God want us to be bored to death and not live and love completely for him?

The answer is NO, God wants us to have fun, live, love, and be ourselves! He wants us to WANT him. God wants us to sing at the top of our lungs because we want to. See God gave us all choices and giving your life completly to God couldnt be a better choice. The one thing is that everyone has to experience that for themselves. I could write a blog everyday about how everyone should try living for God but what it all comes down to is that its your choice and I am not going to pour that pressure onto anyone EVER!

My question for you is this: why do we fall into the typical word... religion? I believe we fall into that category because we don't feel anything. Tons of Christians I have personally spoken with believe that the Bible is simply a metaphor for living a "good" lifestyle. That none of the things in the Bible actually took place. The crazy thing about it is that most of those individuals are struggling, and some are still attending a church hungry for God but not being filled. Why is this, why can't someone go to church and be completely filled with God when they want it? How come this is happening all over the United States and World?

I am not knocking the Church at all. All I am suggesting is that more churches be open to all God has to offer, and allow God to speak in there church, allow God to fill each and every individual to the top with his Love and Happiness. Thats all I am asking which I don't believe is too much to ask. Tell your congregation or entire church that if they don't want to be there to go home because God wants individuals who wants him. Tell them not to sing unless they truly want to sing for God. Now I don't mean humiliate anyone, I just mean be honest. One of the best sermons I was ever told about was a sermon based on praying and questioning each and every message every Sunday. All that is doing is confirming what God was saying through the Pastor/Preacher/Priest/etc.

Religion is simply a set of beliefs and practices. Sure as Christians we believe and practice certain things but should we think of something so casual and meaningless? Even when sarcastic individuals call me a "Christian" I correct them by saying wrong... You can call me Gods Warrior thank you(with a giant smile on my face). Another cool name would be Children of God. How awesome is it to hear that you are a Warrior for God? To know each day that when you wake up you have the opportunity to give someone a little peice of God, and to know that God is with you everyday that you wake up.

Do you live a life of religion, or do you live a life knowing everyday that God is with you? If you don't feel Gods presence but are searching for it then you have come to the right place. Read your bible, pray to experience Gods love, and commit your life to God. Also anyone can contact me anytime at I will gladly answer any questions and pray for you.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spiritual Realm of Faith in Christianity

As said before in my Believing is Seeing NOT Seeing is Believing post... believing is seeing. At what point do people start calling you "Jesus Freak, Holy Roller, or Christian Loser?" When I was younger and began to get closer to God these names came up. I was offended by them and almost wanted to stray away from faith because of it. The funny thing about it is that is exactly where I am now trying to go. Of course I am not trying my hardest for people to call me these name (laughs). One thing I am trying to do is get closer to God.

See the closer I get to God the more God starts showing me the things I need in life. He starts showing and telling me where it is to go. The crazy thing about all of this, is that God only gives you what he knows you can handle. I have seen things that most people would be terrified to see, I have heard things and felt evil that I would never wish anyone to feel. With all the bad there is good as well, and God has showed up in my life much more times.

But the thing about it all, is that once you begin living and seeing the Spiritual Realm... People begin to worry about you. They think that you are a freak and dont actually understand it all. I have learned in religion to judge myself before I begin to judge others. And ten times out of ten I will find something wrong with myself and need to keep my mouth shut =) . Its truly sad though if you look around at the majority of churches and none of them are doing signs and miracles by God. Why is it that growing up I have never ever ever seen one person healed in church? It says in the bible not to pray for the sick but to go out and HEAL the sick.

Is that even actually possible? I mean can someone actually cure another person of deadly cancer, or a broken bone, or a "psychological dissorder"? Can someone actually do that? OF COURSE THEY CAN if they are led by God. See I wish someone would have told me this when I was a kid. I wish that someone would have told me that I was going to see prophecies and be able to change lives. These are all things that I wish. I look back on my life and realize that God was telling me and showing me all of this stuff all along. I just wasnt listening to what he had to say. I was too focused on society and all the things that you are "supposed to do."

One thing is for certain though if you want to live an easy lifestyle and have everything handed to you Christianity isnt the way to go. Living a life strictly for God takes a warrior, a strong hearted individual. To stand up and say I stand with God and I know that you are wrong about me being a "Freak" because God tells me how awesome I am everyday! On the other hand if you want to live the happiest most purposeful life you could ever live then try giving it up to God.

God opens doors to a whole new Spiritual Realm. Its a whole new world of excitement and amazement where you can never be bored, lonely, depressed, or down. Financial freedom ha ha ha beyond financial freedom. Beyond anything you could ever imagine! Speaking of financial freedom and money I would like to say something on that topic. See whenever I had a big idea to make money or some business I was going to start someone in my family always had a smart remark like: "HA if you figure out how to become rich let me know, or that wont ever work you dont see me filthy rich and I would have been willing to do something like that". Well now I truly have the answer to that question. If you want to own something worth more than all the money in the world, something that is worth everything I have and could ever have. Then go out and buy a bible and read it.

A bible you can understand, comprehend, and use in your everyday life is worth EVERYTHING! It teaches you the principals to living a happy life and finding things you would have never ever seen. It is also the means to getting in touch with God the creator of ALL. Any questions you have can be answered all in this one book. See the thing about this book too is that it has everything from a supernatural lifestyle, to the end of the world, to how you should treat your neighbor.

All of this about spiritual realm, and supernatural lifestyle has really caught my attention. See where I lost my societal life and picked up this new one was in TACF or Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. At that church was an all weekend event that my close friends and I all attended. I highly suggest going to something similar or to another event TACF is holding. If you cant make it to something like that then I suggest going to like a Family of Christ, or Bethel Church. Something along the lines of tons of people speaking to God from there hearts.

Well anyway I want to hear your feedback on this topic so let me know. What do you think about living a Supernatural Lifestyle? Do you live one? Have you seen God work through anyone to heal someone?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Start

What makes us achieve pure happiness? What is it that drives us to wake up every single day? If you could wake up happy everyday would you? These and many other questions I have been asking myself for many years. What I think it all boils down to is, that we must find something that balances the bad or frustrating things in our lives with something positive. One of the greatest things someone can have in life is a PURPOSE!

Most people feel that what they are doing isn't important or doesn't contribute to the bigger picture when in actuality everyone is making a huge impact on the world daily. No matter what you do or who you are. You could be a construction worker, banker, consultant, chef, waitress, entrepreneur, or even a stay at home mom. See people criticize christians for being missionaries, or pastors. The thing is they are warriors for God. They are risking there lives to help save others. They are going out of the way just to help a few individuals.

The sad thing about missionaries is that they don't all have the funding to radically change and impact whether kids in other countries get to eat or not. See it is a proven fact that if everyone in america that went to church gave ONLY ten percent of what they earn, then it would amount to over one billion dollars. Having MORE than enough to feed every starving kid, cure every disease, or shelter the homeless. Let me ask you something... what is wrong with that picture?

Is it our right to ridicule and criticize families that are risking all that they have to make a difference when we ourselves aren't even doing are part? The way I see it is God allows you to have the money, and materialistic objects you have. Nothing you own is yours at all. If you weren't brought into this world then you wouldn't own anything. So how hard is it to only give ten percent of your income to a better cause?

What I was getting at with all of this is happiness isn't achieved through finances. If you want something you have to give something. Giving a small amount to God every Sunday you go to church will reward you tenfold as far as money goes. I have seen this and done this first hand. Another object that was hard for me to overcome was being satisfied with what I have. See as humans we are always wanting more. If we have mansions and ferrari's we still want more. For instance look at Bill Gates. He was going to buy Hawaii. Now what exactly would you need an intire state for? Now obviously you can't buy a state. I am not knocking Bill Gates at all, he is a very generous man and gives a lot of money to organizations and helps millions of individuals.

What does buy happiness is faith. Faith in your loved ones, faith in your career, faith in college, faith in whatever you do. Faith is merely having confidence that everything will work out for you no matter what you do and as long as you try to be happy. If you can find something you love to do and can do it for the rest of your life... I suggest you work real hard to try and make that your career.

The last thing is to start over. If it is hard for you to move on or you aren't always happy then start over. It is really hard to get anywhere in life without God. You may feel the need to talk to someone about it or you may just want to continue on trying it your way. Just remember that when things don't work out God is always going to be around for you.

My life has started over and everyday I am content. I finally found what it is I need in life, and what I need to do to contribute and give back. I will be attending the Ministry program at Bethel Church in Redding California. It is quite a bit of money but God has told me he will provide. If any of you would like to help me fund this I would greatly appreciate it and have placed a donation button in the top right corner of my blog. I truly would appreciate all your help. The individuals that do choose to donate I would appreciate it if you would email me at as I have a gift for all of you.

Thank you all and God Bless!