Saturday, February 16, 2008

Definition of Love!

Sorry I havent posted lately I wanted to give everyone a few days to think primarlily about what love is, who you need to love, and the positive impact it has on you! Well just a few days ago on Valentines Day I saw what love is first hand. There was a pretty bad car accident that I witnessed and everyone in the vacinity jumped out of there vehicles immediately to help both individuals that they didnt even know. It was just truly amazing! When I got to the car that was hit both drivers were out of there vehicles and perfectly fine. There were about six people who jumped into action and showed hope in the world. A lady and her daughter, a firefighter, a guy in an SUV, and a few other people helping the two drivers. The guy in the SUV called OnStar immediately, the lady and her daughter checked to see if everyone was alright, the firefighter turned on his lights, blocked traffic, and started immediately helping the situation, and everyone was working together. Now that is truly LOVE! Strangers never met before were all trying to do everything they possibly could to help out. Everyone could have easily just called 911 and drove off but instead took the time out of there lives to care. So I dedicate this post to all the people who don't get recognized for being awesome individuals. Also since I wrote the last post I have been trying to practice what I preach more and more. The other day I let a guy go in front of me at the checkout line in meijers. We started talking and the guy was the nicest person ever. It just had a major impact on my life to realize that everyone has a good side, and it is worth my time and everything to show my good side. That small little conversation made the rest of my day go wonderfully. Whenever something wasnt going for me I would think back to how happy he was and how I can impact someones life today. Which made me immediately smile and press on. I can't stress enough how important attitude in life is. If you have a positive attitude and allow God to work in your life then you WILL see results. I try to take a few minutes out of my life every morning before I get ready for my day, and every night before I go to bed to pray. You're all probably thinking well he has a wonderful "perfect" life and its easy for him to say. So I will take a few minutes to share a few recent weeks of my life. I have been living in an apartment for six months now with a buddy of mine that I used to work with. Well he ended up moving out and it was looking like I was going to have to pay more for rent than usual. I have a part time job and basically that means all my money earned would go into my rent, gas, and food. That same week I get recognized for being a great sales rep for at&t but unfortunately not a wonderful employee in there eyes. The company wanted to show that they discipline so they gave me a write up and didnt really explain why. On top of that there was a female that I have liked for a while and I was going to just leave it all behind and go see her for V-Day. Well that ended up falling through for other reasons. It just wasnt looking very good but I trusted that if I kept my head held high and allowed God to work in my life he would. Sure enough it is all changing around. At the office of my apartment complex I spoke to them about the situation and they found someone to take over my lease. I was also fortunate enough to get an interview with an amazing company where I would be doing sales. Oh and the female that I like is still super amazing and is helping me grow closer to God. But in the end the one thing that you must always remember is God will never ever fail you. He will ALWAYS love you. So if next week is the same as this week I am still willing to commit every single thing I have to God. Just take a few minutes to realize that Love is what you make of it. Love is in you, love is YOU, love is everything good, and most importantly GOD IS LOVE!

Hope everyone had a happy V-day and remember that even though Feb 14th is over doesnt mean you should quit loving.

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