Thursday, March 13, 2008

On Track?

Life throws all kinds of twists and turns into our lives but, God is always there for us. I have been living my life years ahead of myself trying to plan for later, or the future. Well we need to live today we need to live NOW! We should be having a positive impact on the world like today is our last... it may be. Lately just to show you a glimpse into my life. I received three speeding tickets, failed a test, and managed to lose track of my bank account. After feeling the weight of the world and the devil hit me like a ton of bricks, I didn't know what to do except panic.

God was still right there with me. Saying "Josh it's going to be alright just do things one step at a time." Then I realized that all of this stuff that is happening to me is because lately I have been super content with my life. I am happy knowing where I am going and practically nothing could get my hopes down. So last night I devised a plan, just get your priorities straight and just focus on those for now. Once thats complete move on to the next.

Its really that simple and we don't even realize it. When we get upset we tend to lose track of ourselves and most importantly GOD! Through it all we must have a clear head and try to focus. Whether its a relationship problem, financial problem, or just a plain bad day. Keep your head high and realize that you aren't the only one going through it. God is also right there with you every step of the way.

So my question for you is are you on track with God? Do you have all your priorities straight in your life? I know I didn't for the longest time. But its alright you can change that.

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