Monday, March 3, 2008

Gateway to the Soul

Ever wonder if someone is lying to you or not? Do you ever wonder why the eyes have such a major impact on our emotions and thoughts? Think about it, if someone glares at you then you know they are probably mad about something. If they smile so do there eyes. There is one emotion that is interesting and untouched by this and that is anger in the form of fear. A lot of times individuals are angry because they fear something they can't control. Maybe a relationship, an upset friend, or anything that an individual may not have going for them.

You have to look closely but when people are upset look straight into there eyes, and you will see a sense of vulnerability. The other day I was at my local grocery store and a bunch of college kids were messing around, acting all cool, and making fun of people. I just purchased my groceries and they were right behind me in the self checkout. One of the kids wasn't paying attention and almost ran into me. As I moved out of his way I looked straight into his eyes... completely unintentionally. The kid had this crazy angry grin on his face but you could see fear in his eyes. The eyes never lie and some people have said that the eyes are the gateway to your soul. How do you feel about this? Do you think the eyes are the gateway to your soul? Can you tell what someone is thinking or feeling by looking into their eyes?


George Manlangit said...

God has given us our eyes to see the beauty of His creations. We oftentimes convey our emotions and thoughts with our body language. The stare, our tone of voice, subtle motions, etc.

For me, I consider the eyes as the viewport to a person's heart.

Josh said...

Wow George that is a very positive way of looking at it, and it could very well be true. Thanks for your feedback thought process.