Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why religion is bad!

Caught in religion or just caught up in the thought of religion? As stated from many christian leaders religion is robotic lifestyle. We are all similar going to church every Sunday or many Sundays to sing because everyones singing, to pray because everyones praying, and to give (10%) of your paycheck to the church. Well I don't think God intended it to be this way. Does God want us doing something we don't enjoy? Does God want us to be bored to death and not live and love completely for him?

The answer is NO, God wants us to have fun, live, love, and be ourselves! He wants us to WANT him. God wants us to sing at the top of our lungs because we want to. See God gave us all choices and giving your life completly to God couldnt be a better choice. The one thing is that everyone has to experience that for themselves. I could write a blog everyday about how everyone should try living for God but what it all comes down to is that its your choice and I am not going to pour that pressure onto anyone EVER!

My question for you is this: why do we fall into the typical word... religion? I believe we fall into that category because we don't feel anything. Tons of Christians I have personally spoken with believe that the Bible is simply a metaphor for living a "good" lifestyle. That none of the things in the Bible actually took place. The crazy thing about it is that most of those individuals are struggling, and some are still attending a church hungry for God but not being filled. Why is this, why can't someone go to church and be completely filled with God when they want it? How come this is happening all over the United States and World?

I am not knocking the Church at all. All I am suggesting is that more churches be open to all God has to offer, and allow God to speak in there church, allow God to fill each and every individual to the top with his Love and Happiness. Thats all I am asking which I don't believe is too much to ask. Tell your congregation or entire church that if they don't want to be there to go home because God wants individuals who wants him. Tell them not to sing unless they truly want to sing for God. Now I don't mean humiliate anyone, I just mean be honest. One of the best sermons I was ever told about was a sermon based on praying and questioning each and every message every Sunday. All that is doing is confirming what God was saying through the Pastor/Preacher/Priest/etc.

Religion is simply a set of beliefs and practices. Sure as Christians we believe and practice certain things but should we think of something so casual and meaningless? Even when sarcastic individuals call me a "Christian" I correct them by saying wrong... You can call me Gods Warrior thank you(with a giant smile on my face). Another cool name would be Children of God. How awesome is it to hear that you are a Warrior for God? To know each day that when you wake up you have the opportunity to give someone a little peice of God, and to know that God is with you everyday that you wake up.

Do you live a life of religion, or do you live a life knowing everyday that God is with you? If you don't feel Gods presence but are searching for it then you have come to the right place. Read your bible, pray to experience Gods love, and commit your life to God. Also anyone can contact me anytime at I will gladly answer any questions and pray for you.

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