Saturday, April 26, 2008

Treasure Hunters

I have been thinking long and hard about what topic to use next for this article. Looking into the hearts of individuals and trying to develop a closer relationship with God this topic was revealed.

Treasure Hunters

As individuals we look on life with a whole new meaning and understanding as we search for the truth. Sometimes we wonder what we are looking for, yet are still constantly searching. My search for the Treasure and truth of life began a long time ago as a very small boy. I would think about where I came from and what really happened before time ever even mattered. I would usually fall into a trance of thought never ending until my own thoughts became nothing more than a dark black sheet of emptiness. This would frighten me and I would often try to forget about it all.

Through the years it kept coming back to me. For some reason I knew that there was more out there and that I could find the answer to life. I attended many different churches with many different individuals but it never caught my attention or gave me a real answer. When I was twelve years old I went to a Christian water balloon fight and found the answer I was looking for. Jesus Christ himself showed up in my life the answer to years of an unsolved problem. I felt a peace a sense of relief over my life and everything in it. But back then I didnt know hardly anything about truth. I was a treasure hunter searching for truth of an unsolved problem of life.

Ever since that day it has been a battle for me, and a struggle to grow in faith. I feel that everyone goes through or has gone through what I have been through in one way or another. That christianity is individual on a level with God. That only you and God can determine where you are in your faith. I think that everyone in the battle between this realm and the realm of the spiritual are on different levels with God. By that I simply mean that God personalizes his message to you on an individual level.

As treasure hunters not only for the truth about life, but also the answers to everything in this world we meet God. Most often we turn to the bible to begin our search, maybe we try once a week at church to dig up the answers, or maybe we pray that the answers will come to us. Sometimes we get discouraged, and dont know why we arent finding what we are looking for. What it comes down to is when you take the Word (Bible) and don't have the Spirit with the word you simply have ink on a page. The way this was described to me a short while back was if we were to get all the bibles in the world and burn them all Gods Message would still exist. Now I am not saying go and burn your bible as it is a great tool to get closer to God and understand how much love he has for us. I am simply saying that God isn't kept in a small box.

That his presence is everywhere even when we lose our faith. Even when we give up God still has hope. When we quit digging for those answers in life, God shows up and helps us keep digging. We are archeologists digging up those treasures and distributing them to the world!


Anonymous said...

You are very right. Everyone is one a differnet part in their walk with Christ. He knows are needs and knows what we need to draw closer to him. Keep you faith in Christ and may great things will happen to you and the people around you.

Given55 said...

Having faith smaller than a mustard seed, I reflex on myself and pray that God would grow my faith into a watermelon.

Great post. I needed to hear it.