Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gods Message

I have been debating on whether or not I needed to share this. God is telling me that this message needs to go out. This dream was about two-three days ago.

Tonight I was reading the bible and a deep sleep fell on me.
As I drifted further and further into the supernatural spiritual realm it became life.
These dreams are so clear I live them out thinking that it's reality.
In this dream of mine I was preparing for a battle as an elite soldier.

I didn't know what I was preparing for, but I was preparing for something huge.
I had trained by myself this whole time. But was not alone as I underwent rigorous training.

God was most definitely with me as sweat and blood turned to preparedness.
Then I got in an SUV military vehicle as ordered and they started driving.
During the whole training everyonce in a while they spoke about this mountain.
A dark cold place with nothing in it, except snow and darkness.
They had trained me in all forms of outdoor and environmental survival for about a week.

As we kept driving I felt very confident that wherever I was going to go survive I could handle.
Then the driver grinned and said “I hope you're ready.” As we drove closer you could see the rough shape of a mountain surrounded by darkness. The other passenger laughed and said “we're here”.

I got all my gear out but just a day before they gave me a syringe, swabs, and some bandages.
They said in the area we were going was a terrible disease that if infected this medicine would cure me. I wondered why I would need that medicine if nobody, and nothing was alive in this place. Me and my huge black superior officer treaded off into the mountain. Now I knew at some point he was probably going to leave me and give me instructions.

We walked along super old railroads tracks for what felt like forever. I was not winded or even feeling it though since I was so in shape and prepared. We jumped on an electric self controlled train that must have just been made. As we pulled up to what I thought was by far the darkest part of our whole journey my superior officer grabs my arm injects me with a needle disappears, and I am left alone with my pack on my own box car. He must have jumped onto the main car and derailed the one we were both on.

Everything was unleashed as I struggled for the medicine in my pack. I felt a presence around me that surrounded me and cut off all thoughts of hope or survival. I couldn't get to my medicine in time as the disease spread too quickly. As I injected the needle I felt a little relieved but it was still most definitely in me. Out of knowhere came these people who looked possessed by the devil himself. They were the evilest creepiest, and abnormal creatures. I knew that all they wanted was to kill me as I was a foreigner and not like them at all. So I ran as fast as I could out of there but I couldnt run fast enough. They could jump ten to fifteen feet in the air and were super fast. They were everywhere and thoughts raced through my head this was a setup, I just need to get out of this place, etc.

Running through a forest nearby for shelter and possibly safety they surrounded me. I couldn't run any further they were in front of me and closing in behind me. One jumped at my head with claws spread, and gnashing of teeth but I ducked. Then as it came at me again I jumped a good twelve feet in the air onto a small hill.

The next scene I somehow managed to evade them and get to a field. Just up ahead was a huge church. As I was walking I figured out that these creatures were humans that were diseased by some sort of power unheard of to normal society. I knew they would probably be in the church but my hope lied on God. I entered the church and immediately got to the highest point which was about four stories high.

Unfortunately there was just the stairway an empty hallway and a room in the upper left corner. I entered the room and began taking inventory of all that I had and where I needed to go to get out. The beings came again and I locked all the doors to the room because they were already in the building.

They waited for me slamming against the door and making horrible noises. After a while I thought I heard them leave. Then it came to me I can save them somehow as they are lost to the world. I am there only hope. I dont want to leave this place until I figure out a way to save these people.

My heart was racing faster and faster as I pushed the door open. Nothing was around at all. It was back to dead silence. Then it sounded like church service going on. As I went to the first floor where the sanctuary was I saw normal people. They were having choire practice and it got super bright.

I stayed and watched for a few minutes then climbed the stairs back to my hidden room. As I climbed up something followed me. I raced down a rope near the room to the first floor again. Then went into a room close by. Then it came to me there were some people who were safe or normal and others who hid in the darkness.

My cousin Desmond, and his wife were in the room. Another lady I did not know was crying. She
must have had a lost family member to the darkness. Then I woke up to my realm of “normality”.

As I started wondering what happened and why I had such a crazy dream I thought. God is equipping me with the necessary tools to save lives. He has put me on a journey to fight that darkness. God wants me to lead people to the truth.

The disease that consumed the lives of these individuals was sin. Sinners without Jesus are lost to this world. Even as my superior officer released the sins I had in my life... God was in me so I could not be transformed into this creature of darkness. We are all sinners but we must try to sin LESS, and live MORE for God or our views will be skewed to society and not reality. Even as saved christians we battle darkness and evil daily. Keep up the fight and know that you are not alone in the battle and God will work in your life if you ask him to.

He has sent me as his messenger to deliver this message to you.


Anonymous said...

Hey brother! This is a very crazy and awesome dream! Did you have it? Well, keep the faith! much love, Josh

Josh said...

Sure did brother. At the top it says I had it two to three days ago. Wouldnt lie to ya if I could help it ;). Thanks and you too man keep the faith. Visit us more often here as we love the visitors and subscribers. God Bless