Saturday, January 17, 2009


Missing In Action...

I was lost but now I'm found. It's hard to be found when you never really understood that you were lost in the first place. Living a life without God is not only very challenging but very unrewarding. Since the last post I've wondered a bit away from the path of light, truth, and all that is good. Trying to find my way in the world. Maybe it's a journey I've been sent on to understand what it feels like to stray, or maybe it's a rude awakening to our lifestyle as being human or (not so perfect).

To wonder without a destination or purpose makes you feel insufficient. You feel as if every breath you take is a waste. Nothing is gratifying, and everything is unsatisfying. To close your eyes and trust in a higher purpose takes everything you have, and most times more. To us humans seeing is believing... or is it? I've seen many things in life but still strayed.

Living life is something YOU need to do. Live in the moment, make your own decisions, do what makes you happy, and try to live a life of contentment. Having a purpose in life can allow you press forward when you think no hope is left. Nothing is better than just living. Which brings me to my next point. I apologize for not keeping up on the posts. Life has it's ups and downs and since the last post I've been riding that roller coaster.

Please continue to visit, and for all my subscribers out there who still read. Thank you and God Bless!


Given55 said...

My friend,

I too, have been missing in action. But, am back.

I understand your need for purpose. It grounds you and make the path to God clearer.

I keep my life surrounded by my brothers and sisters in Christ because they encourage me and lift me up in prayer.

I have confidence in you and remember that God, Himself, has faith in you.

Given55 said...

Today We are Praying for a Child in Need. We will post, all day, our feelings, hope and prayers. Please join our prayer.

Anonymous said...

I have just read your posts from April of 2008 through Janurary of 2009. You have led a very interesting life and are very blessed in recognizing the need to rely on God for everything in your life.

After I had my hip replaced, I had some free time so I decided to find out everything about God that I could. He has revealed many interisting things to me and I have tried to put them in writing that everyone could understand. If you are interested in these writings email me at: and I will send you a return email with the writings attached (approx 125 pages)

May God continue to bless you,

Rachel said...

Wonderful - honest post.
For years (following my own way) I was in a pit of meaningless. I was a success by the world's standards, but I felt like I was living my life in vain - what did it really matter?

When I started really seeking God (sending time getting to know Him and cultivating intimacy one on one in His Word) that all changed. He gave my life such meaning and purpose on many levels. The contrast is astounding. It didn't happen overnight - but as I continued to draw near each day - it all changed.

Without God, I don't believe we will ever be fulfilled. We will always be chasing after something and never satisfied. But when we draw near to Him and He to us - we find what our hearts have always longed for.


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